Russia’s The Virgin Komi Forest

The Virgin Komi Forests are a huge rainforest in Russia’s Ural mountain range, located in the northwestern section of the country. Russia’s Komi Republic owns the woodlands. The forests are Europe’s biggest virgin rainforests, covering 32,800 square kilometers.

Russian magnificence is represented by the Virgin Komi Forests. It’s a forest of aspens, conifers, birches, peat bogs, natural lakes, gorgeous rivers, and whatever else you’d expect to find in northern Europe. The Russian government has been protecting the forest for more than 50 years. The biggest pristine boreal forest in Europe may be found in this region.

Geographic Description

The vast rainforest may be found in Komi Republic’s northeastern section. The rich green forests of the forest beautify the western slopes of the northern Urals. The rainforest is dominated to the east by the Northern Urals, which are aligned north-south. Glacier forms may be seen in the mountains. During your journey, keep an eye out for the Telpossky massif, which showcases the glacier’s grandeur. If you haven’t seen a complex karst system before, have a look at the caves, craters, and river beds that are flooded annually. They were produced by the Urals’ foothills limestone being eroded. The area’s attraction is increased even more by the reef formations that have formed over time. During the Ordovician epoch, the oldest one was produced. Marshes, lowlands, and hills dominate the terrain, which eventually gives place to the Ural Mountains.


At this location, the Northern Urals features a continental climate with chilly winters and pleasant summers. In January, the average temperature is -17°C; in July, the average temperature is 10°-12°C in the highlands and 14.5°-20.5°C in the lowlands. The average annual rainfall in the foothills is 525mm, whereas in the mountains it is 7-800mm. For seven months, there is a layer of snow covering the ground to a depth of 100cm. The western slopes of the mountains have a higher humidity level than the eastern slopes.


They’re in danger since there’s a lot of gold in the location. Illegal logging poses concern as well. Since its inscription, the site has faced few threats. However, it remains vulnerable to gold mining exploration as long as the status of the gold mining license remains ambiguous. The establishment of full-scale gold mining operations on the property would pose a significant danger to its Outstanding Universal Value and integrity. Visitation has also had an impact, as has the rising tourist industry. The market is also a potential threat, should it not be managed effectively throughout the site.


The Virgin Komi Forests are a large expanse of natural beauty that would enthrall any visitor. This huge expanse of the country contains a diverse range of locales, each with its own unique tale to tell. This is a list of locations in Komi that visitors can visit.

  • Weathering pillars on Mount Manapupuner

  • Shaman Mountain, which is also known as Mount Yerkusey

  • Bogatyr – Split Rock

  • The protected Schugor River and many more.
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