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Stunning Underwater Images from the “Ocean Art” Photography Competition

The Ocean Art Submarine Photo Contest is back for another year, featuring some of the best images of ocean beauty in 2020. The annual competition, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, aims to document the world’s best underwater images and document the amazing ecosystem that exists beneath the surface of the water. Now in its 9th year, the winners of 2020 are as stunning as ever despite the hardships brought on by lockdowns, travel restrictions, and the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Best of Show award went to photographer Gaetano Dario Gargiulo for a wide-angle shot (pictured below) of a deeply intriguing octopus in the camera lens at tidal pools in New South Wales, Australia. “On the day of the film, I was in a tidal pool because there was very little travel outside the tidal range. In the shallow part of the pool, I noticed an octopus. I placed my camera near its hole and the octopus began to interact with it. It came out of the shell completely and to our surprise, it started shooting photos! My son (3 3 the background) was very curious about the octopus,” Gargiulo said on the competition’s website.

The competition features winners for arrays of different categories including Wide Angle, Macro, Marine Life Behavior, Portrait, Coldwater, Blackwater, Nudibranch, Underwater Conservation and many more. You can check out some of the winning images from the latest competition below. If they have your fancy imagination, then take a look at the winners of 2019.

The judge of the Eighth Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest, organized by the Underwater Photography Guide, has been rolled out, and the winning images and photographers have been announced. Greg Lacquer was the best on the show with a crabeater Seal image from Antarctica. The organizers of the competition shared with us some of the winning and honorable mentions below, which are under 16 categories of underwater photography the caption was written by individual photographers and was lightly edited for the content.

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