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Lion Cub Simba Born Using Sperm Extracted By Electro-Ejaculation Process That Killed Mufasa

We have good news and bad news. Let us go with the good before we move on to the bad. The Singapore Zoo has announced the birth of an adorable lion cub, the first in the country to be born after an artificial insemination. The zoo named the animal Simba, Swahili for “lion”, and fitting for the son of a lion called Mufasa. The cub will appear healthy and happy after helped to feed by its keepers. Three months after its birth, he has now moved on to solid food and enjoys playing with his balls and other enrichment tools. Like his name in The Lion King, he is working on his roar.

The NSFW part of the story is very different from the version of The Lion King that we know and love. Simba’s father, named Mufasa, was an old lion when he ejaculated. His aggressive nature enabled him to form a successful partnership with any woman in his lifetime. As such, he had no offspring employed, and the zoo decided to extract his semen using an electronic secretion process.

Lion Cub Simba Born Using Sperm Extracted By Electro-Ejaculation Process That Killed Mufasa

The process is adapted from animal to animal and even occasionally occurs in humans. The principle of large mammals is the same, but you are inserting the device into the anus of the animal from which you want semen, leaving a sheath on the sex of the animal for collection.

“Fully lubricated probe Insert in the animal’s anus with the electrode-oriented ventral (front, bottom),” reads a manual on the AC-1 Electrojaculator. “In a rhythmic motion, turn the power knob clockwise to stimulate the animal, pause, return to space, and pause. There will be some movement of the hind legs during arousal.” The device excites the animal to burst in 2-3 seconds, which repeats in a few minutes. If no results found, it can tried again with high voltage. Manual notes:

“Electroecoagulation of an animal demands efficiency. It is not just about pushing the buttons and turning the knobs, it is also about finding the right timing and voltage to apply. “In the case of Mufasa, some animals, such as particularly invading lions, may be subject to extinction. Sadly, due to his age (20) and physical deterioration, he did not survive the electric ejaculation procedure and did not resurrect later.

In a statement to Channel News Asia, Wildlife Reserves Singapore said, “Mufasa lived to be 20 years old, but because of his aggressive behavior, he did not raise any cubs in his lifetime, which did not lead to a successful marriage.” “Yet its genes may be of high value in terms of the genetic diversity and sustainability of the African lion population in genetic organization.” His semen used to augment the lion Kayla, who gave birth to Simba on October 23, 2020.

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