The Mineral Analcime


Analcime is a beautiful and precious mineral belonging to the Zeolite family. It is a very collected stone due to its unusual and intriguing qualities, as well as its appealing crystalline structure. One of the most well-known stones for manifestation and dream magick!

It serves to energize and cleanse the Heart Chakra in particular. Analcime can help with group activities since it improves collaboration and brings everyone together. Analcime promotes creativity and a feeling of self-identity. When faced with change and/or transition, it can assist in maintaining a healthy mental (emotional) and physical condition. Analcime can be used to treat water retention, diabetes, and pancreatic problems. It can also aid to improve the muscular structure, especially atrophied muscles.

One of the key reasons for the stone’s growing appeal among metaphysical practitioners is because of this.

General Information

Chemical FormulaNaAlSi2O6 · H2O
CompositionHydrous sodium aluminum silicate
 LocalityFrom near Catanes, Cyclopean Isles, Italy.
Crystal systemOrthorhombic
Crystal classDipyramidal (mmm)
SynonymAnalcite, Analzim

Physical Properties of Analcime

ColorWhite, Grayish white, Greenish white, Yellowish white, Reddish white, Colorless.
Cleavage{001} Indistinct, {010} Indistinct, {100} Indistinct
DiaphaneityTransparent to Subtransparent to translucent
FractureUneven to subconchoidal
Hardness5 – 5.5
LusterVitreous (Glassy)


The name Analcime is derived from the Greek words “ana” which means “above” or “throughout,” and “lithos” which means “stone.” This is due to its capacity to pass through the whole stone while staying completely unaltered.


Croft Quarry in Leicestershire, UK; the Cyclopean Islands east of Sicily and near Trentino in northern Italy; Victoria in Australia; Kerguelen Island in the Indian Ocean; the Lake Superior copper district of Michigan, Bergen Hill, New Jersey, Golden, Colorado, and Searles Lake, California in the United States; and Cape Blomidon, Nova Scotia and Mont Saint-Hilaire, Quebec in Canada; and in Iceland, and now in Navarre, Spain.

Analcime develops in sedimentary rocks at temperatures below roughly 100 °C, indicating that the rock underwent shallow diagenesis.

Stone Size

When faceted, gems are almost typically colorless and weigh less than 1-2 carats. Mt. Ste. Hilaire large crystals are white with little facetable portions. In general, crystals in basaltic cavities are translucent and do not surpass 14 inches in size.

Analcime Essential Benefits

  • Analcime for Health and Healing: On a physical level, analcime is necessary for the pancreas. This is also a beautiful gemstone that may be used for water retention. Those suffering from diabetes should not forget to bring this stone, as it has a favorable influence on blood sugar levels and symptoms management.
  • Analcime for Wealth: Analcime’s energies may attract energies of financial gain, possibilities, and luck. These energies may also boost luck in terms of items that might affect one’s financial situation.
  • Analcime for Love and Relationship: This gem has a beautiful heart-based energy that is necessary for whatever relationship you have. It is also thought to be effective if you wish to get rid of conflicts or challenges in your relationship. This will aid in identifying the problems in the relationship.

How to Use Analcime?

These stones offer great heart-based energy that is recognized to be beneficial in resolving any conflict in personal relationships. This energy also assists a relationship in dealing efficiently with life changes that occur. It is known to help you keep close when you are separated and going through different circumstances. The frequency of this stone is especially beneficial in intimate relationships when one person craves domination over the other in order to influence their partner’s decisions. Their work to increase clarity in your thoughts may assist you in dealing with changes that may be occurring in your life. Use them in your regular meditation to bring about calmness and tranquillity.

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